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    • Gemalto on nyt osa Thales-konsernia, lue lis??.

    Gemalto on nyt osa Thales-konsernia

    Lis?tietoa yrityskaupasta ja uuden sukupolven digitaalisen turvallisuuden visiosta.

    Lue lis??

    The Digital Identity Revolution

    From eID to Mobile ID

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    Definition & benefits of a 5G SIM for 5G virtualized networks

    Understanding what a 5G SIM is and its benefits

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    The Review magazine

    #Identity: Proving who you are in the digital world

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    Gemalton avulla organisaatiot voivat tarjota luotettavia ja helppok?ytt?isi? digitaalisia palveluita miljardeille ihmisille.

    Katso, miten Gemalto voi auttaa sinua:


    • Posted on Oct 09, 2019

      How AI protects data and identities

      To truly harness the data from our connected world, we need AI. Here are some ways it can make everyday life more convenient and secure for all.

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